Hi gardeners. Today surely is a day that makes you think about the garden, doesn’t it? I’m ready to get my hands dirty; how about you?

Our Saturday workdays start this week at 9am, finishing by noon. Tuesday evening workdays resume on March 13th from 5-7pm. On Saturday, weather permitting, we’ll plant some sweet Early Alaska garden peas and sugar snap peas. I also got a flat of broccoli yesterday that we’ll put in the ground—yum! I haven’t scoped out what’s ready to harvest in the garden yet this week, but we should have some kale, collards, spinach and perhaps lettuce. I think there may still be some carrots hiding out, too. Speaking of carrots, we can also sow a bed of carrots and radishes on Saturday.

In addition to these tasks, I would be grateful if someone volunteers to pick up compost at Lowes and Panera. And on the subject of compost, we really need to turn all the bins. I appreciate the compost elves that came over the winter and turned the bins. We’ve been blessed with an abundance of donations from our gardeners’ kitchens, Panera and Lowes and bin #1 was nearly overflowing last Saturday. If you can’t make it this Saturday, but want to come some other time and start working on toning those biceps, by all means, please help yourself!

The weather forecast is a little iffy for Saturday, so keep your eye on the sky. If it’s just a light drizzle, we’ll be there. But heavy rains may delay/cancel our workday. If you’re unsure on Saturday, feel free to call me at 919-740-8595 if you want a status update.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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