8:00 Start this Saturday; Join us on Facebook!

*Hot weather means we’ll be starting at 8 am on Saturdays this weekend. We will work until 11:00 am or possibly as late as noon depending on the heat/weather, the number of people there and work to be done. Please remember members can come to the garden anytime during daylight hours to weed, water, dump compost or harvest herbs. So if you come very late on a workday and want to stay, you’re welcome to. The garden leader will need to clean up, distribute harvest and lock up the shed, but you are welcome to stay on and work with the tools that are stored in the blue trash can beside the shed for that purpose. Just be mindful of the heat and/or threatening weather for your own safety and please be aware that garden leaders have been there for many hours and need to get home to rest or attend to other responsibilities.
*Join us on Facebook! Just search for “Simple Gifts Community Garden” and join our group. This is a great way to communicate and we can share pictures and events easily this way, even right from our phones in some cases.
*As always please remember that we share the bounty of our garden among ourselves and with folks in need through Western Wake Crisis Ministries. Please take what you can use and use what you take.
*For safety, please remember to wear CLOSE TOE shoes; no crocs or flip flips.

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