Sports-minded Garden

For those sports fan that believe gardening holds nothing for you, we beseech you to rethink this mindset.  This week alone, we had kids tossing a football in the front grass, worked as a “grounds crew” to take care of the field surrounding the garden, and harvested zucchini the size of baseball bats.  The potato harvest goal exceeded out wildest dreams and the corn  is a-popping up. Spectator-schemecktater – come get your hands dirty!  We’ll all cheer you on, and unlike sports, no real talents are required.  Just be aware… once you hit this field of dreams, you may never go back to your past ways.  Fresh is fabulous!  For $10 per year, per family, and a little effort, you can cover all bases; fresh organic produce for your family PLUS fabulous first-fruits for the folks at Western Wake Crisis Center. 

Remember – rookies and “walk-ons” welcome.  Hope to see you Tuesday o Thursday evening, or Saturday morning!

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