Saturday Workday ~5/23/15

Hello everyone!   Happy Friday!

If you’re not heading to the beach this long holiday weekend to enjoy the glorious weather and relax to the sounds of the waves breaking (and if you are, I am SO jealous!), I hope you will consider coming to the garden Saturday morning for our usual worday!  We will start at 8am and because I need to be gone by noon at the latest, we will start closing things down at 11:30.

We’ve been having a time with potato beetles, as we do every year.  We’ve been plucking those little critters and drowning them in soapy water, and last weekend, they were sprayed with Neem oil (approved for organic gardening).  When I did a walk-through last night, the beetle population appeared to have dwindled, but we still need teams to go through and pick off the beetles and larva and squish any eggs found on the underside of the leaves.  It sounds nastier than it really is.  J  We’ll hopefully get an opportunity to spray again one evening in the next few days to keep them in check.  So this will be a priority in the morning.

Other priorities include prepping beds and planting peppers in one (or maybe two).  And weeding.  Lots of beds that need to be weeded and paths in the lower 40 to be mulched to suppress them.  And fence posts need to be installed in the tomato beds.

We’ve also got some harvest available—strawberries, spinach (maybe close to the end of its season), lettuce and sugar snap peas.  I took a handful of the peas home Tuesday night, steamed them for a few minutes in the microwave then put a little butter on top.  Oh my gracious.  They were so tender, sweet and absolutely delicious!  A testament to the fact that food doesn’t have to be fancy to be wonderful.  J

I hope to see many of you in the morning, but if you’re traveling this weekend, safe journey to you and enjoy yourself!

 Grace and peace,


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