Hi, friends,

We harvested the sweet potatoes on Tuesday and we have buckets of sweet potatoes to share with our gardeners. Take home some ‘taters, and they will be cured and ready for cooking for Thanksgiving or Christmas!


We are having a friend of the garden come in soon with his tractor to plow under the “D” section of the garden and some of the “C” section. If you are interested in taking home an asparagus plant or two, please come this weekend with a planting pot and dig up some asparagus before our farmer plows it under.

Also, we could really use your help getting the “C” and “D” sections prepared for plowing. We need to gather up all the irrigation lines, and all the garden staples that are buried in the tall weeds around the “C” and “D” sections.

In addition, we are clearing additional beds around the garden, and we are starting to mulch the beds with leaves for the winter.

If you have an hour to spare this Saturday, anywhere from 8am to 12noon, please come by and give us a hand. We still have lots of delicious kale and Chinese cabbage, radishes, figs, raspberries and collards for you to harvest. And the swamp daisies and zinnias are beautiful, and ready for you to cut and take home as a bouquet.

Thank you for your help and dedication to our community garden. See you Saturday!


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