The Beasties are Back! 4-6-16

Hi, gardeners,

Fire ant mounds are popping up all around the outside of the garden.

I’m looking for 10-15 volunteers to help me spread Amdro and calm our fire ant population before our garden kicks into full swing for the spring of 2016. (The more volunteers, the quicker we get done!)

Many of you have helped in the past, and I could use your help again this year. My hope is we can meet at the beginning of our garden workday this Saturday, on April 9th, from 8 am till about 8:30am or 8:45am.

My plan (as in past years) is to use plastic gloves and take baggies with Amdro down below the garden fence, between the garden and the pond. We will fan out down the hill, from the lower corner of the garden fence down to George’s house and the tree line above the pond. Then we will spread the Amdro on any suspected ant hills as we walk forward.

We will work our way around all four sides outside the garden, to give us complete coverage against the fire ants. Hopefully this will work as well as it has in the past two years, and we will not discover too many fire ant hills inside the garden fence. (We are prepared to spot treat the fire ants again this year inside the garden with organic “Orange Guard” spray and organic pellets.)

Please reply to this email if you can join us at 8:00am on Saturday, April 9th, at the community garden. Dress with long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to minimize your contact with the Amdro. I will provide the rest.

Thank you for your help! Our Fire Ant Protection Crew has made a huge contribution to a safe and pain-free gardening experience for all us — especially our youngsters and seniors and guests.

Fred (919-244-7601 — call me if you have any questions)

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