Adjustments for Phase II

With Phase 2 of the Stay at Home rules in place in NC, we are allowed to have up to 25 people in an outdoor setting such as the garden (  Under those circumstances, I’m going to discontinue the Sign Up Genius portion of our COVID-19 response plan.  This means you can go back to coming to garden during any regular garden workday hours – (Saturdays 8am-noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm).  I hope this increased flexibility will make it easier for you to join us.  We have taken a bit of risk in planting out the whole garden because of the dramatically increased need the food pantries are seeing.  That means we really need your help on an ongoing basis.  It’s been so great to see so many of you and I hope this will continue throughout the summer.

Please understand that eliminating the need to sign up for specific hours in advance is the ONLY part of the plan we are discontinuing.  You will still need to wash your hands, wear gloves at all times, sign in and out with the electronic tracking system, spray all tools, buckets and wheelbarrows and most importantly maintain social distancing.  Please pay careful attention to these rules!  It’s important that we keep each other safe.  We will also continue to have 1 person in the shed at a time for now too.  It’s easy to forget, but please make an effort to keep this in mind.  We all would like to be able to garden and these rules make it possible – they are especially important for anyone who is immune compromised or may be living with someone who is.

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