Directions to the Garden

Please note:
Dec. 31, 2021 was our LAST DAY at the “Miss Jeanne” location on S. Hughes Street.  Under no circumstances should anyone visit this location since we have moved.

Directions to the Simple Gifts Community Garden

Simple Gifts Community Garden is located at:
1075 S. Hughes Street, in Apex NC, 27502

Look for it across from Los Tres on Hwy. 55, between Hwy. 1 and Apex Peakway.
There is a WalMart across from the garden on South Hughes Street.

NOTE:  While all gardening is done at the garden (see above), infrequent meetings are typically held on the campus of Apex United Methodist Church.  Such meetings help us discuss a wide range of management needs and ALL are welcome.  Please keep an eye on our main page, or your email (if you are a garden member) for the next meeting date.

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  1. cheyenne cravencrozier says:

    I thought I had signed up to become a member, however my neighbor Ms. Mary Reynolds had to tell me about the meeting last week, I never recieved an email. I know there is a $10.00 yearly fee which is fine ….how do I pay it and where do I send it?

    1. Hello! I am sending your email over to Wendy, who has graciously stepped up to work on membership this year. I will CC Anne and Fred, the garden directors. I apologize that I missed this posting. I generally receive emails to approve the new posts, but seem to have had a challenge for a few weeks with email. I am hopeful that the work done to “fix” the mess means no more missed correspondances.

      FYI: “Approval” of comments is simply to be sure we don’t receive spam or some silly prank that is not in keeping with our mission, so no one is subjected to anything inappropriate.

      Kim Minafo

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