While a few garden members seem to know how to grow
and cook just about everything, most of us are greenhorns.
Thanks to the constant sharing that goes on, however, our
recipe boxes stay full and the crops grow despite our
less-than-green thumbs!

Please keep posting  your favorite links and recipes!

Looking for a way to use a specific item, or combine
something with what you have on hand?  Try these recipe sites:


Here are some seasonal recipes for SPRING

KALE  WHOA!  These are great!  Check out the kale and apple saute, sauasage and kale stuffing, and more!    If you cook these, keep a few on the side for yourself because they will go fast!

bok choy salad
VIDEO – spicy bok choy in garlic sauce

Sandra Webb’s Green Tomato Relish – the best you’ll ever taste! – Green tomato relish



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  1. Kale is one of the veggies many folks are hesitant to try. Move your cursor over the blank area below to find a link for twenty great kale recipes.

    P.S. If you’ve got kids, you HAVE to try the kale chips!

  2. Kim, here is the recipe for arugula I promised. We did not use pomegranate seeds and used arugula instead of mixed greens. Also, I add walnuts (while my wife did not). This is one of my favorite all time salads!

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